About SimuTech Group Canada

Your one stop, turn-key provider for Advanced Engineering Simulation Solutions and Services.

SimuTech Canada, TorontoSimuTech Group Canada, formerly known as ROI Engineering, is a privately held Canadian Engineering company with offices in Toronto, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec, and Calgary, Alberta.

Our mission is to provide high quality engineering solutions and services to our diverse client base that will ultimately provide them with a Return On Investment. We take our customer's needs, requirements, and commitments very seriously, and go above and beyond what might be expected from an engineering firm to ensure our customer's objectives have been met. We recognize that we can only be successful if our customers are successful first.

SimuTech Group Canada has been selling and supporting the complete ANSYS Simulation Suite for almost 30 years as the Canadian Solutions Partner. Through our many years of participation, we have earned the right to be called North Americas best channel partner, as ranked by the executive sales staff at ANSYS Inc.

Part of what makes us unique is that we utilize the resources that we offer. Our engineers are highly trained and very experienced in using the full range of ANSYS software in ways that are similar to that of our customers. These very same engineers also offer our technical support. When our customers phone for technical support, they speak directly with the engineers that use the software as a daily part of their own job. Local support and training is a very important part of our value-added offering.

SimuTech Group Canada is fully qualified to provide software and services for the entire suite of ANSYS products, and are professionally registered with APEO, AICQ, and APEGGA. Contact Us to learn how we can help:

Head Office - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

50 Ronson Drive, Suite 120
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M9W 1B3
Phone: (416)249-1471
Fax: (416)249-5045