About SimuTech Group

 Formed in January 2008, the SimuTech Group (www.SimuTechGroup.com) consists of five well established and reputable engineering simulation services companies.

Located in nine offices throughout North America, all of the SimuTech Group offices have a proven and long-term record of providing engineering simulation services to local manufacturing and design engineering firms from a variety of industries.

SimuTech Group is the largest reseller (VAR) of ANSYS engineering simulation software in North America.  Of SimuTech Group's 70+ employees, over 50% hold advanced engineering degrees. The core competencies of all SimuTech Group offices include:

  • Sales, support and training of FEA and CFD engineering simulation products from ANSYS, Inc.
  • FEA and CFD consulting services for all of the engineering simulation products we sell and support.

Our Rochester office provides physical testing and environment services such as modal testing, strain gage testing and failure analysis.  Our physical testing services can be used independently or as a complementary service to our engineering simulation services.

Our Chicago office provide sales, support and training for fe-safe from Safe Technology.

SimuTech Group – Rochester
STI Technologies Inc.
Rochester, NY

Member Companies:
SimuTech Group Canada – Toronto
SimuTech Group Canada – Montreal
SimuTech Group Canada – Calgary

SimuTech Group – Seattle
SimuTech Group – Denver
SimuTech Group – Cleveland
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