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Procedure to obtain data necessary to create ANSYS, Inc. license key(s):

Run the following procedure on each system that you have designated to be a license server.  You will be asked several questions about you and your company. Amongst other information, the system's hostname, FLEXlm host ID, and ID type will be displayed.
Please forward this information to your SimuTech sales representative so that license key(s) can be created for you.

Windows systems:

  1. Download by choosing the Windows Platform from the list below.
  2. Unzip on each Windows system that will be a license server.
  3. Run AnsRegSvr.exe on each Windows system that will be a license server.
  4. Enter the information for your site and then Press the 'Ok' button to display the license server information. (If you do not know your customer number, leave that information blank.)
  5. Press the 'Create File' button of the dialog and select the desired file location.
  6. Return this file to your SimuTech sales representative.

NOTE: nCode licenses must be created using the machine’s Ethernet address. If you need a license for nCode, this special hostid type can be retrieved by opening a command prompt window, going to the directory containing the AnsRegSvr.exe file, and issuing the following command: .\AnsRegSvr.exe /e

UNIX/Linux systems:

  1. From the list below, download the tar file for the UNIX system that will be a license server.
  2. Untar the tar file (tar xvf filename, where filename is the name of the tar file).
  3. Run the getFLEXid utility (./getFLEXid) on the system that will be the license server.
  4. The getFLEXid utility both displays the information and writes it to a file named
  5. Return this file to your SimuTech sales representative
O/S    File
Windows 32
Windows License Capture
Date 2012-04-26 Filesize 810.25 KB Download 504
Windows x64
WINX64 License Capture
Date 2012-04-26 Filesize 865.24 KB Download 505
Sun SPARC 64
SOLUS64 License Capture
Date 2012-04-26 Filesize 1.56 MB Download 473
Linux 32
Lin32 License Capture
Date 2012-04-26 Filesize 1.03 MB Download 445
Linux x64    
LIN64 License Capture
Date 2012-04-26 Filesize 1.42 MB Download 438

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